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Ride Buddy is a carpooling and shared travel platform that connects users with similar commuting routes and interests, allowing them to share rides and reduce travel costs.

Ride Buddy uses location-based matching to connect users traveling in the same direction. Users can offer rides or join available rides, making commuting more sustainable and social.

Ride Buddy is expanding to various cities. Check our website or app to see if your city is covered.

To create an account, download the Ride Buddy app, sign up with your details, and complete the registration process.

Yes, safety is a top priority. We verify user identities, provide user profiles, and offer features like SOS buttons for emergencies.

After registering, simply enter your starting and ending points, and Ride Buddy will show you available rides or riders traveling in the same direction.

Ride Buddy helps you save money on commuting costs, reduce your carbon footprint, and build a social network while sharing rides.

Ride Buddy has an in-app messaging system that allows you to communicate with your fellow travellers. 

Yes, you can view profiles and choose co-riders or drivers based on their profiles and ratings.

Ride Buddy has an SOS button that allows you to connect with emergency services or your pre-saved emergency contacts in case of an emergency.

 Ride Buddy provides a convenient in-app payment system for shared rides, ensuring a hassle-free transaction.

Yes, Ride Buddy is available for both Adroid and iOS devices.

Yes, Ride Buddy offers options for creating or joining rides with specific criteria, such as females-only rides.

Ride Buddy has a reporting system that allows users to report any issues or inappropriate behavior. Our team will investigate and take necessary actions.

Yes, it is absolutely legal to carpool using Ride Buddy, as the platform is completely aligned with Government Rules and  Regulations and fulfils all the mandatory guidelines stated under Latest Amendment Of Motor Vehicle Act.

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